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Hi all, Luca Menna here, Italian composer and producer of new age, ambient and dance & electronic music. I was born close to the “Como Lake” in 1974 and I started playing music when I was 8 years old. Violin to be exact. My great grandfather was Vittorio Baravalle reason for why the desire to make music is innate

I 'm then moved on playing guitar and year after I played as lead guitar in such a bunch of bands in the Torino underground! I started with blues (I'm a student of Marco Roagna) and rock (“Le Onde”, sessions together with “Dr. Livingstone”).

Then Prog metal (“Emerald”, Aesthetic dust published in 1999 by Bax Records, distributed by Lion to Germany, to France by Museà, by Nightmare records for USA and Canada, than by Sonic Attack, Rising sun records). I then continued my activities here and there, playing with people of the show that would later become famous both in band born from the underground and as sessions for many Italian singers.

I worked extensively with dK finally, with several albums, several songs, several tracks with a particular genre, gloomy, dark, electronic. I signed in 2015 with Soundiva as UK producer, member of PRS for music.


I want to share with you the link to my last job ROBOTIKA, dance and electro oriented, hope you'll enjoy. Cheers!!!


I wrote this album in a dark period of my life, in a very short time; I really hope you'll enjoy my dark side.


This is the more complex album I wrote, many influences on it, many styles. Every song is a different world, with his own sensibility and sound.

Youtube Video

The new show of LEM & Effetto laser, together for the most exciting laser show ever... soon!

Youtube Video

LEM various tracks have been used by Fox II HD (SKY TV) as soundtracks for extreme sports videos :)


Shortly available No LimitS, new EP by LEM
Enjoy title track No LimitS and Ancestry 80's shredding track

Recensione del disco by RockGarage.it

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